Fragrance Regulation

We understand that creating products that are safe for consumers is priority for our customers and their clients. In today’s complex regulatory environment, staying ahead of the curve of changing guidelines is essential to developing products that will be successful in the marketplace.

At Custom Essence, our regulatory team tracks the requirements of regulatory authorities in multiple countries. We are an active member of the International Fragrance Association of North America (IFRA), an organization responsible for reviewing all of our thousands of fragrance materials and publishing a Code of Practice that dictates the safe usage of each material.  Our regulatory group reviews every fragrance before it is sent to our customer to insure that it is compliant with IFRA guidelines.

In addition, our regulatory group stays constantly abreast of the latest ingredient research in other areas of our customers’ concern, including: Allergens, Phthalates, Carcinogens, Volatile Organic Compounds, REACH, NPA standards, Whole Food Premium Standards, etc.

Most importantly, we are able to quickly and accurately report to you the complete toxicological and regulatory status of any fragrance.