Custom Essence & You: Is It A Match?

When you join a company, both you and your new colleagues hope for a good fit. Every organization develops a unique culture over time, and it is important to find an environment that syncs with your style in a way that provides everyone the best chance to thrive.

Below is an overview of what someone coming to Custom Essence can expect:

Our Culture

  • A workstyle that emphasizes agility, collaboration, enthusiasm, and transparency; a mind-set that embraces learning by doing
  • More than 150 years of collective fragrance industry experience within executive management alone
  • A diverse, inclusive group of people – 6+ languages, and a wide variety of cultures, customs, and perspectives represented
  • Family-owned and operated since the start
  • Flat organizational structure – we believe keeping the lines of communication open is crucial to problem-solving, which means direct access to management
  • Attractive, modern facility including solar panels and recently renovated laboratories, production area, and office space
  • Multiple group volunteering opportunities suitable for a variety interests and ability
  • Seasonal events including food trucks, picnics, and parties

Hear What People Have To Say

I love working at Custom Essence because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere here. Coming to work and having a good working environment is so very important. It allows for open communication and a setting which fosters learning. There is a real sense of camaraderie, both during work hours and outside of work.

Junior Evaluator

No matter which department or position you hold at Custom Essence, you will be able to have your opinions and suggestions heard. Custom Essence values working within teams and fostering a collaborative work space , and this allows for open discussion of how to best get work done.

Project Coordinator

Custom Essence is a really comfortable place to work, you can tell that the owners really care about their employees. Everyone here is very passionate about what they do, and it shows. It’s not a bureaucratic environment, which I appreciate, and the work is very customer driven which creates an environment where everyone is working towards one goal as a solid team.

Junior Perfurmer

Employment Opportunities


If you wish to apply for a position at Custom Essence, please email your resume and cover letter to