Fragrance Creation

Fragrance Creation has been one of the most complex and scientific art forms for the past four thousand years. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful; with the ability to trigger nostalgic and pleasant memories, inspire adventure, and add dimension to products. With access to cutting edge technology, research and the most extensive fragrance palette, our perfumers at Custom Essence craft high-performing, consumer-accepted fragrances; whether it’s fresh winter powdery snow, the jumpstarting smell of rich Colombian coffee, or the distinct and experiential smell of a romantic night out on town. Today fragrance plays an everyday part of our lives through the products we use: perfume, body mist, hair care, lotion, home fragrance, laundry detergents, and odormasks, to name a few. Let Custom Essence create winning fragrances that build brand loyalty and help your products excel in the marketplace.

Our areas of expertise include:

·        Fine Fragrance

·        Personal Care

·        Home Fragrance

·        Household Fragrance