In a constantly changing regulatory environment, domestic or international fragrance product compliance is paramount to successful product launches and consumer adoption. At Custom Essence, the Regulatory Affairs department  monitors, screens, and curates our palete of raw materials and custom fragrances to meet any client need.

In order to provide world class regulatory services, we offer our clients full access to our Regulatory Navigator platform which includes the following five parts.

  1. Documentation portal: 24/7 digital access to over 30 different regulatory documents for quick information retrieval.
  2. Fragrance Regulatory Consultations: Direct access to fragrance regulatory professionals to help aid clients in the use of fragrance specific information, regulatory troubleshooting, and 3rd party fragrance evaluations.
  3. Fragrance Stewardship: Understand, trace, and use raw material life cycle information to meet client natural, sustainability, and other specialized needs such as Leaping Bunny ®, Ecocert®, Safer Choice®, WERC’s® and others.
  4. Labeling Expertise: Understanding and providing guidance in order to know the difference between labeling “fragrance” on an ingredient list and other forms of formulation disclosure.
  5. Regulatory Outreach: Opportunities for our clients to sit in on education seminars, receive information letters, and work collaboratively on regulatory topics that affect their fragrances and/or business.


Custom Essence is an active member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)/ Fragrance Creators Association (FCA) which binds us to a strict Code of Practices in order to ensure that we provide the highest quality of fragrance safety available. Not only does our IFRA/FCA membership put us at the forefront of fragrance safety, but our domestic and international government monitoring systems allow us to track changing regulations, assess impact, and act in a proactive and nimble manner so that all of our clients can be informed and prepared when a new or updated regulation takes effect.