Respect for our Planet and Natural Resources

As creators of fragrance and flavor materials intended for consumer use, we understand the importance of rigorous testing and evaluation procedures of these components. Each raw material used by Custom Essence undergoes strict quality control standards for safe use by the global authorities on fragrance and flavor safety, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), and the Flavor and Extracts Manufacturers Association (FEMA) which defines FEMA GRAS™ standards.

Our perfumers are experts in natural product perfumery and chemistry. Many of the raw materials we use are sourced from naturally occurring materials. These raw materials are sourced globally, from Indonesian Patchouli Fields to Australian Sandalwood forests. To protect the natural resources of our planet, we are creating alternative aroma molecules to replace those from endangered species. We are working with regional growers to expand production of limited ingredients and harvest crops responsibly.

Custom Essence Initiative

Custom Essence goes Green! On a path to a more sustainable future, we have installed solar panels to help reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. The system will generate 234,000 kWh per year, enough electricity to eliminate close to 85% of the company’s annual consumption. We have instituted this energy savings to help minimize our environmental impact.

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Sustainability Newsletter